"Like a deer that yearns for running streams, my soul is thirsting for you, my God." - Psalm 42.1

Vessels are we, thirsting, yearning to be filled anew, celebrating our fullness.

We come away to a space of solitude to be filled and to thank God for our fullness.

We come away to a place apart to pause and remember ourselves to the relationship that sustains us, that we may return reminded, refreshed, rejuvenated, renewed, re-centered.

"Come away to a quiet place and rest awhile." Sanctum Retreat is a facility committed to providing individuals the opportunity to take time apart in the quiet in intimacy with God.


Weekends are a time of silent retreat at Sanctum. Doors open at 4:00 pm. with supper at 7:00 pm. Following orientation, silence begins with a meditation and the first of five reflective conferences that weave a tapestry through the weekend. Personal and communal prayer, conferences, and private contemplation are complemented by guided meditation and song. An examination of conscience, followed by sacramental reconciliation, is part of the Saturday evening schedule. On Sunday, we are sent forth, with the Eucharist crowning the retreat experience at 1:00 pm.


Sacramental Ministries of Eucharist and Reconciliation are provided to Sanctum Retreat by the local parish priest.

Midweek Retreats

Sanctum is available for midweek events. Please contact the office by email for more information.

About the Facility


Simple rooms with simple accommodations are characteristic of the facility, with most rooms containing a bed, desk, toilet and sink. Bedding and towels are provided.

Meals and Dietary Concerns

As much as possible, every attempt is made to accommodate special dietary concerns, with notice a minimum of two weeks prior, so as to provide our kitchen staff sufficient time to adequately prepare for your stay with us. Please contact Sanctum by email to discuss special needs.


Nestled in 100 acres of rolling foothills near Caroline, Alberta, the retreat grounds are a blend of groomed trails and mature forest inviting exploration.

The stations of the cross on a winding path along the banks of the Raven River. Many an opportunity awaits in celebration of God's handiwork of creation.


Sanctum has a generous and modern non-lending library available to retreatants during their stay with us.

CD Recordings

Kristoph and Mariette have sold over 40, 000 musical and guided meditation recordings. Several CDs are available at the retreat and on iTunes.

"Kristoph and Mariette have a true gift." - John Michael Talbot

Non Smoking Policy

Sanctum is a smoke-free facility. Your respect for the needs of fellow retreatants and the environment is requested.

Handicap Access

The facility is equipped with wheelchair access, washroom facilities and sleep accommodations to assist you in your stay with us. If special assistance is required, we encourage the accompaniment of a care-giver to provide necessary care during your stay. Please identify your special needs when registering so as to ensure accommodation availability.


Retreats are coordinated through the generous support of captains who provide necessary information. For weekend retreats, make reservations with captains whose names and phone numbers are provided after each retreat scheduled under "Upcoming Retreats".


Our ministry is made possible through the generous support of our retreatants. There is no set fee for a weekend retreat; rather, you are asked to donate whatever you can to help maintain the retreat, keeping in mind the costs of food, lodging, maintenance and personnel. As a charity, we are encouraging retreatants to consider giving an offering in the range between $300 and $350 for a weekend retreat. A charitable donation receipt can be issued for amounts above $250. Measure your gift in two ways: in justice to cover costs and in charity to help make it possible to for others to come who otherwise could not afford it.

Team Availability

Team members are available by appointment for Spiritual Direction. Please contact individual team members.


When time permits, members of the team are available for outreach ministries such as concerts and missions. Arrangements may be made through the director.

International Outreach to Underdeveloped Countries

Sanctum Retreat has established a close relationship with Opportunity International - a charitable organization committed to helping the poorest of the poor help themselves out of the bondage of poverty. Give one a fish,fed for the day.Give one a fishing rod, feed for life.

Booking Sanctum Retreat for Private and Corporate Functions

Ideal for executive corporate retreats, visioning, planning, re-focussing, deepening staff relations, corporate restructuring, corporate appreciation retreats, corporate spiritual and psychological wellness, leadership seminars, annual conferences, staff meetings, special meetings, family reunions, and so on. Though Sanctum has many booked regular retreats, there are time slots available for booking this stunning facility to host private or corporate events - especially weekdays. The retreat team is also available if there is a need for graphic facilitation for corporate visioning. For such private functions, an outdoor fireplace is available, hiking, and fishing 50 feet from the Lodge on the Raven River - one of America's best known rivers for trout.

Sanctum can accomodate up to 44 guests for overnight functions with some sharing rooms with two beds. If all want their own private room, Sanctum can accommodate 40 guests. To book, please contact Sanctum well in advance.

12 Step Ministries

Taking time apart is a vital part of the 12 steps, a time of reflection on our spiritual walk, a time to deepen our conscious contact with God as we understand God to be.

Serenity Weekend Retreats

Sanctum facilitates a series of Serenity Weekends for those who are members of 12 step programs. See scheduled weekends.

Directions to Sanctum Retreat

From Calgary: (~120 minutes)

Go north on Hwy 2 all the way to Innisfail, then exit and go west on Hwy 54 to Caroline (approximately 45 minutes). Once you reach Caroline, go straight through and continue on Hwy 54 for 4 km. Sanctum Retreat signs and the "Fish" will lead you to the Retreat.

From Edmonton (~120 minutes)

Go south on Hwy 2 to the Innisfail and Caroline exit at Hwy 54, approximately 15 minutes south of Red Deer. Go west on Hwy 54 to Caroline (approximately 45 minutes). Once you reach Caroline, go straight through and continue on Hwy 54 for 4 km. Sanctum Retreat signs and the "Fish" will lead you to the Retreat.