Sanctum Retreat - Donations

Sanctum Foundation is a registered charity, 100% dependent on the public for financial support. There are currently no large religious orders or organizations offering regular financial support to Sanctum Foundation or the Retreat Centre itself. For those people who wish to support Sanctum Foundation which helps sustain Sanctum Retreat, there are several options in which to do so:

1. Purchase a gift for yourself or to give to someone else:

2. Become a Monthly Donor

Support Sanctum Foundation by donating monthly via credit card or automatic bank withdrawals. Sanctum Foundation will charge your credit card or debit your contribution amount from your account on the first business day of each month for 12 months. Simply mail or fax a VOID cheque to Sanctum Retreat or call 1-888-442-0285 if you wish to make your contribution via credit card.

All donations are eligible to receive a charitable tax receipt.

3. Provide us with a one-time donation in any amount!

If at this time you do not wish to donate monthly, feel free to make a one-time donation in an amount that you choose, as any and all amounts are helpful and very much appreciated! Donate by cheque, or for credit card donations call 1-888-442-0285. All donations are eligible to receive a charitable tax receipt.

If you make a donation via cheque:

If you make a donation via credit card:

Questions or need more information? Please contact Sanctum Retreat at 1-888-442-0285.

The Sanctum team sincerely thanks you for your support and prayers which continue to make Sanctum an ideal place for people to nourish their souls. Your generosity is a blessing upon Sanctum Retreat.